The engine: renovation
A long life.. A direct lever for speed command.

A magneto with variable advance MEA of the type BOV.

A Maglum Lighting.

A carburettor cast solid Zenith 20 HKG.

A pump oil drowned out of bronze and a cone clutch of the same metal.

Photographs of the engine.

The engine was remake entirely with the assistance of Mr. Pascal Watrin From Moto jouvence.

The beautiful one works.

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Roll rebored, new piston and segments.

Connecting rod assembly remakes.

Transformation for gas without lead : seats and guides of valves, refection of the valve lifters.

Change of the bearings, repair of the tappet guides and the bronze rings.

Repair of the axes of rocking-levers, cam of the camshaft and its silks.

Manufacture of the clutch cone out of bronze.

Repair of the sealing of the oil pump and repair of the guidance of the pinion of drive.

Remaking of the tree with three pinions of limps at speed.

Pinion of exit of limps.

Coil toothed with pawl for the kick.

Dynamo: Rewinding, reemantation and refection of the condenser.

Change of join and realignment of the casings to the reassembly.

Primary change of the chains.

Painting of the cylinder.

Some addresses to find your parts
  • Dynamo : Ets COULON - "La Madone" 42 460 Jarnosse.
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