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Advices for the novice:
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  • You will never take enough photographs

Take pictures of each part of your machine before and especially during disassembling:

  • Passages and electric fixings of wire and gaînes of cables
  • Fixing of each element
  • Shelf of the nose gear wheels disassembling of those, without forgetting to measure the offset.
  • Positioning of the transfers and the painted nets
  • If you are an amateur, preserve each nut with its bolt and its disc in a small plastic bag on which you will note his source. The small bags of congelation make the deal very well.
  • You get all the plans and burst which you will be able to find on the Net or in the clubs.

  • Do not hesitate to adhere to a club of mark (MCF in fact), for a small amount of money, will find there very nice people who will inform you (with a beautiful reactivity) in the difficult moments.


Sites to visit to dismount malignant:
J'y vais A site full with Advices with its heading ABC restoration.
J'y vais Advices of the Pyrenean Club (Terrot) on the precautions to be taken before and during disassembling.
J'y vais The Club Motobécane de France: A WEBSITE NOT TO MISS


Other useful plans:
Front hub (Ø 15) Plan of the fork
Backside Suspensions Handlebar and controls
Electric wiring The saddle and the headlight
J'y vais Other very valuable plans on this site

If you decide to radiate your wheels, you must take measurement (in mm) offset before disassembling of the rays.

This offset will be reproduced at the time of the shelf.

For that: put a rule on the hub and to measure the variation (offset) with the rim.

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