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  • First the historical Study :

This P108 model enormously evolved between 1928, date of its first presentation to the catalogue of June 1, 1928 (like the showing in October of the same year), and 1939, year of end of manufacture of the model.

A very good study was carried out by "the review of the motocyclettist" N° 92. It's a very valuable guide for thoses which wishes to renovate its P108 such as it really was.

This model with transverse silencer was manufactured only a few months.

The same model was sold under the marks Automoto model A15 and Aiglon model 80.

  • Before and during disassembling :

You will never take enough photographs

Take a picture of each part of your machine before and especially during disassembling:

  • Passages and fixings of electric wire and gaînes of cables
  • Fixing of each element
  • Thickness and positioning of the discs
  • Shelf of the nose gear wheels disassembling of those, not to forget to measure the offset, i.e. the shift in mm enters the plan of the hub and the rim.
  • Positioning of the transfers and the painted nets
  • If you're an amateur, preserve each nut with its bolt and its disc in a small plastic bag on which you will note his source. The small bags of congelation make the deal very well.
  • You get all the plans and burst which you will be able to find on the Net, in the reviews or the clubs.

Chromium plating did not exist yet, the parts which require it will be nickelled, it are:

Hooping of headlight, Stems, bolts and rondèlles of fork, supports of handlebar and headlight, tubes silencer, live and bolts of the stamped framework, etc.

completement demontée completement demontée

completement demontée

clic pour agrandir The disassembling of the fork before:

The nose gear wheel being dismounted, to place a hold under the engine to release the fork completely.

To dismount the ordering of brake AV and the mudguard.

To raise the pins of the axes of springs, to drive out the higher and lower axes and to remove the two springs.

To unscrew the nut, then to unscrew the higher axis (the step is on the right).

To unscrew nuts 5 opposite.

To unscrew the lower axes 6 simultaneously and to withdraw the left and right stays.

Books and reviews where one speaks about it:
  • Bernard Salvat : 100 ans de Peugeot (French)

  • La revue du Motocyclettiste N° 92 (Au bourg - 71 850 Charnay les Macon) (French)

  • Claude Reynaud : Toutes les motos Peugeot - Tome 1 : 1898 - 1929 - Tome 2 : 1930 - 1939. (French)

  • La Vie de la Moto N° 115 (French)

  • Chroniques Moto N° 28 (French)

  • Moto revue N° 276 - 331 - 374 - 416 - 539 - 672 - 828 (French)

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