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Description of the "wild horse"
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Its characteristics:

Born in 1953, the Z54C is a simplified and bottom-of-the-range version of the Z46C: aft wheel without pin, not battery, more sober presentation.

Its price is 128 500 Francs  of the time. It will be built under this name until 1955.

Its engine is reliable and clean, 4 times with its valves mechanically operated by tumblers.

A cubic capacity of 124,874 Cm3, the engine rating is of 1 CV (real: 6CV with 5000 rpm), it consumes hardly 2 liters by 100 km. It weighs a little less than 90 kg and can carry its bluecollar at 80 km/h with the wind behind.

Characteristics détailled on Hubert site

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