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Service and maintenance
The 1955 documentation :

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  • Oil still and always

To use mineral 20 W 40. The correct level is at the short-nap cloth of the lower threading of the oil stopper. To check before leaving.

  • Gasoline:

I use super 95 to which I add 2 small spoonfuls of castor oil (not only for the odor).

  • Equivalence of the candles



  • The revision of the 3000 km if the engine were remaked:

To tighten the cylinder head in quincunx (1-3-2-4)

Règler play of the cold tumblers: 0,10 mm thin side admission and 0,10 mm fatty side exhaust.

  • Adjustment of the idle:

To tighten the screw of richness à.fond, and to start with règler the engine speed with the screw of top (under the cable) then refine the adjustment by dévisant the screw of idle by 1/4 of turn.

Easy way: sometimes a carburettor with the tired bushel will perhaps difficult to regulate, in this case made in kind slightly raise the tank by fixing the carbu with a slope towards the line (in the direction of the machine). The richness of the mixture is increased by it and the adjustment becomes possible.

Useful addresses and sites to visit to be made help:

M. Robert LECHEVALLIER - 2 ter Rue de Dantzig - 75015 Paris - FRANCE

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